Winning The Sperm Race

The thing about having a baby when you already have two children is that they want to know a few things. How did it get in there? How does it get out? What if your tummy pops open? Do they do C-Sections with a sword? Carolyn and I are quite happy to answer these questions... Continue Reading →

Death By Exhaustion

This evening Carolyn and I decided to talk to the girls about how important it was for them to stay in their beds all night and not to come through to our room. We actually ended up talking to them about who would look after them if we died. It’s fair to say the conversation... Continue Reading →

Toilets, Lifts and Snowsuits

Originally written in 2013 I used to know where certain shops in town were and where all the pubs were. Just a couple of months into parenthood I still knew where the pubs were (as I peered in through the window longingly) but I also was an expert on toilets and lifts. This was not... Continue Reading →

Our New Arrival

I’m back.  18 months of being blog free and life has changed somewhat. I’ve had two new jobs, Carolyn has started a new job, Iris has started school, Anna has become part-teenager despite only being 7 and Wilbur has arrived - our daft kitten who is sat across my arms as I type. Quite a... Continue Reading →

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